A Different Dining Experience

Welcome to the Hungry Irishman, creative culinary events for every occasion.  While we specialize in private wine tastings, adaptability is certainly one of our strong suits.  Be it graduation parties, business meetings, private dinners, or on site catering, we truly love providing a different dining experience for whatever your needs call for.

21 thoughts on “A Different Dining Experience

  1. Camembert mousse… sounds interesting, I’ve never heard of it before… I might just have to look for a recipe! What wine did yous serve with it? I always think Camembert is difficult to match with wine.

    • Actually I just served that as an appetizer for people to munch on as they were strolling in, though, I can think of a Riesling or to that may have worked. The light balsamic and mint really added a good depth of flavor and took away from the… Strangeness, for lack of a better adjective, of the Camembert

      • Mmm, sounds nice, how about a sherry? I love sherry,do you think it would match? I’m defintiey going to try this!

    • I don’t have menus per-drawn up, because I love working with as many seasonal ingredients as possible. Also, I prefer to shape my menus around my patrons. If you would like, we can have a talk, so I can get a feel for your tastes and preferences and I can write a few menu options to suit your tastes. Looking forward to talking o you! Email me at Brandon@HungryIrishman.com 🙂

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