Christmas Feast

This year, I decided i was ready to take on family Christmas dinner and give my grams a much deserved break. It was very exciting, because some certain family members of mine are quite… selective, on the food they are willing to try. Family, Friends, Great food and drink, made this one of the best holidays yet.

So, on with the food…

For starters, honeyed brie and berries. Maple-brined a turkey, which is always a good decision. Garlic and leek mashed potatoes for a more traditional starch. Of course, i had to counter that with a caramelized carrot and sweet potato casserole, with a toasted hazelnut and almond crust, drizzled with apple cider reduction (personal fav). Sweet apple coleslaw, and some creamed spinach. For dessert, a raspberry fudge cake, with rum and brown sugar whipped cream

Everything turned out wonderful, and even my toughest critics were pleased. The meal would have been nothing without my grandmas cheese-budh eggs and rice pilaf.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Feast

  1. When you say toughest critics?,………..LOL It was amazing, when are you having over again? We could all pitch in for the food while you do all the work and trash your place ; )

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