New year’s brunch


Being the only day me and my closest friends had totally free, I decided to put together a “brunch”. I’m not entirely sure if brunch is the right word, as we made a whole day of it, with several different courses. Let alone the act that half of the items wouldn’t generally be eaten before noon. Regardless it was an awesome day of great food good wine and some wonderful people.

First round:
1st course: toasted almond coffee, with almond biscotti and bailey’s whipped cream
2nd course: smoked salmon chunks over lemon, dill, and caper cream cheese, on almond crackers
3rd course: garlic & leek hash with mascarpone scrambled eggs.

Second round:
1st course: homemade berry “sorbet” with banana nut granola.
2nd course: gorgonzola grilled cheese with red onion confit.

Third round:
1st course: roasted pepper Paupiettes with a jalapeño cream cheese
2nd course: roasted eggplant pizza
3rd course: rum caramelized bananas (specialty)

Small course split up with good movies and shows, couldn’t have been any better.


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