Perfect hard boiled egg

There’s a million and one “perfect techniques” for the perfect hard boiled egg. Everyone has their favorite. I have not tried them all, as the way I’ve been taught, works without fail every time. Put eggs in cold water with some acid of some sort, like white wine vinegar (this will help keep the egg whites in the shell if any crack, as well as make the shell easier to slip off), in a sauce or small stock pot over high heat. Once water starts to boil. Cover pot, and turn off heat. Let the eggs cook for exactly twelve minutes, then transfer to an ice bath to shock and prevent the eggs from cooking further. As soon as the eggs are cooled enough to touch, start removing the egg shells before they completely cool. As long as the egg is still warm, the shells will slip right off with ease.

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About the Renegade Chef

We started this company a few years back because we love food. More importantly we love great food. Myself, i love weird food. We started off doing tapas paired wine tastings, and the occasional private dinner or event, and have enjoyed working all over metro detroit putting on pop up restaurants or brunches. We aim to build a network of like minded and passioned people. We hope you'll enjoy following our journey, and seeing what cranks out of the renegade kitchen.

3 thoughts on “Perfect hard boiled egg

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    • I must honestly say, no, I’ve never even heard of tea eggs,but I checked your link an I am very intrigued. I must try this soon, if not tomorrow. I appreciate the suggestion, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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