Browned butter ice cream (no machine)


Home made browned-butter ice cream adapted from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s machine-less custard-based recipe. I went through a few different techniques and could not seem to come to the perfect, creamy consistency, but This worked wonders. Not too sweet, nutty and delicious. Can’t get enough.

Beat together 8 egg yolks, 1 cup sugar, 2 t vanilla, and 1/4 t salt until nice and thick. Whisking constantly, heat up 1 can (12oz.) evaporated milk and one pound of browned butter. Bring to simmer, then slowly whisk into egg mixture. Once fully incorporated, pour back into sauce pan, stirring constantly until 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Have an ice bath ready, and cool custard completely, then whip one cup heavy cream to stiff peaks, and fold into custard until its smooth and no lumps. Disperse into ice cube trays, for rapid freezing to minimize ice crystals, freeze. At least 4 hours later, pop out cubes and throw in a food processor with another cup of whipped cream until smooth and creamy. Pour into a quart container and freeze at least another four hours before serving.

Absolutely delicious. Enjoy

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We started this company a few years back because we love food. More importantly we love great food. Myself, i love weird food. We started off doing tapas paired wine tastings, and the occasional private dinner or event, and have enjoyed working all over metro detroit putting on pop up restaurants or brunches. We aim to build a network of like minded and passioned people. We hope you'll enjoy following our journey, and seeing what cranks out of the renegade kitchen.

18 thoughts on “Browned butter ice cream (no machine)

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  3. This seems totally doable! I’ve been wanting to make ice cream (and custard…even better), for awhile now, but I don’t really want to have to buy a machine at this point. I’m going to have to give this a try. Your recipe for the brown butter maple bacon custard just might be calling my name!

  4. I love your ice bath for making ice cream. I got an ice cream maker for Christmas but I still may try your ice bath method. I am all about custard ice cream.

      • Um, WHERE? I don’t see it on your site. 🙂 Does it have chunks of banana bread mixed in, or just the flavors? A cupcake shop here started mixing chopped-up cupcakes into ice cream and it’s pretty great. Of particular interest to us: Vanilla ice cream with a salty caramel ribbon and a mashed-up chocolate-salted caramel cupcake. (Banana bread ice cream is health food in comparison.)

      • That does sound fantastic, but this banana bread ice cream is far from health food. I will have to put up a post on the site next time i make a batch. For my first one it is just the flavors. But, I do make a MEAN banana bread, so next time I’ll give it the whole treatment.

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