Butter Poached Scallops atop an avocado puree, with a champagne vinaigrette salad

 I purchased these delicious, and rather cheap bay scallops, and butter poached them, served them atop an avocado puree, alongside the fennel, red onion, white asparagus, and arugula salad with a champagne vinaigrette.

To poach the scallops, i took a small stock pot, filled it up with a mixture of two thirds water one third white wine, on high heat.  While waiting for it to boil, i added a mirepoix, a handful of peppercorns, and a sliced lemon.  When the liquid starts boiling, i whisked in two pounds of diced butter.  These scallops are much smaller than i am used to working with, so i only poached them for a few minutes, and put them in at around 150 degrees.  Have an ice bath ready, and place the whole stock pot in it to cool.  Ideally, the scallops should still be medium rare to medium in the center, so they practically melt in your mouth. An overcooked scallop is an angry and chewy scallop, and nobody likes that.

For the avocado puree, i diced up some avocados, and put in a food processor with the reserved butter poaching liquid, then added a little lemon juice, and salt.


Salad: http://hungryirishman.com/2012/02/12/226/

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We started this company a few years back because we love food. More importantly we love great food. Myself, i love weird food. We started off doing tapas paired wine tastings, and the occasional private dinner or event, and have enjoyed working all over metro detroit putting on pop up restaurants or brunches. We aim to build a network of like minded and passioned people. We hope you'll enjoy following our journey, and seeing what cranks out of the renegade kitchen.

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