Graphic Design Work

While in highshool, I spent all of my free time, outside of school and work, at William D. Ford Career Technical Center, during class or at night school.  My teacher, Mr. Paulsen, was kind enough to never tell me he was sick of looking at me.  I was obsessed with putting together a good portfolio, for Scholastics, so that I would be able to afford to go to the best art schools.  Most of my work was in advertisements. A few of my pieces ended up winning Gold Keys, and one Silver Ket at the national level.  The Award ceremony was held at Carnegie Hall in New York, which was a pretty nice vacation, and the only time Ive been to that state.  The funny thing to me, is that one of the pieces (The Martin Luther King Jr.) that was awarded gold at the national level of one of the most prestigious art competitions in the country, was originally produced for a city wide (Westland, MI) competition, and took third place.  Gets me every time I remember that.


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