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I would like to thank the Domestic Diva, M.D. for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award!  She has some amazing posts, and always a fantastic story to go along with the recipes.  Make sure to go check out her page!

Rules of Conduct: Bloggers who win the award must complete the following steps:

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.
2. List 7 interesting things about yourself that your readers might find interesting
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

Some things you may not know about me…

  1. Five years ago, I was talking to bankers, and writing out paperwork to own a Powder Coating shop, worth a little over a million dollars
  2. I got talked into drama club, in high school, because one of the lead roles dropped out a week before opening night.  They begged me to clear my schedule and join, because they felt I was the only person who could learn all of the lines and blocking in a week.  Which I did.  What they neglected to tell me, and that I realized the first rehearsal, is that the character I was playing, just so happened to be a male, at a Halloween party, dressed as Carmine Miranda, the Chiquita Banana lady. Dress, Hat, and all.  I would like to take a moment to apologize for the visual that will plague your minds for the rest of the day.
  3. I couldn’t tell you when this became a reality for me, as it seems to be a more recent development, but I absolutely love to dance. Awkwardness is a state of being.  I wear it well.
  4. I love going for walks.  It’s my meditation in motion time.  I like walking so much, that I used to walk to and from work, a 9 mile, 3 hour walk. Even a ten hour shift, would be buffered by six hours of walking.  Rain or snow, give me some headphones and music I love and I could do anything without batting an eye.
  5. My grandmother payed for me to take Tae Kwan Do for Nine years.  I love martial arts, and a personal  goal of mine is to take Tai Chi Chuan.
  6. I am VERY resourceful.  Even in a city I’ve never been to before, I can find anything.  I seem to have this knack for talking to the right people at the right time.  Which has gotten me the chance to hang out with and eat pizza with a few of my favorite bands, while helping them unload the bus and set up their equipment.
  7. I am very good with kids.  I’ve been sucked into tutoring situations often enough, and found I love hanging out with little children.  A friend of mine has a younger sister, who is 8 years old now, who listens to me, and every word I say before her sisters or even her mother and father.  I love and respect her and she has a tremendous amount of love and respect for me.
SEVEN HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BLOGGERS: and I apologize for the obviously biased food-blogger-heavy list, but hey, I love what I love.
  1. Foodimentary: A food lover’s notebook: This is one of the most unique blogs I have found to date.  Posting a select food of the day, with many interesting facts and historical anecdotes on each food, plus, a today in history section.  Always a fun blog, and hey, you may even learn a thing or two
  2. OlyEats: A food blogger with great taste in music and philosophy.  A rather good writer as well.
  3. Danny’s Kitchen: This guy does some truly amazing stuff. Grab a kerchief for your slobbering mouth before heading over. I almost didn’t want to put him on here out of sheer jealousy for his BEAUTIFUL kitchen!
  4. A Non-Writing Writer Courting Insanity: I love how honest and raw everything in this woman’s life is. From her well composed and often eccentric writing style, to her business, Raw Treehouse. Give her a visit!
  5. Terrified Tastebud: Deb Brunsen’s food blog. Her posts are well written, and she has a unique style to the food she posts. Check out her Ultimate Customizable Cookie!
  6. While Chasing Kids: A russian mother, and excellent cook, writes about what little cooking time she can squeeze in between raising a family. Every post has a very positive, almost uplifting vibe to it.
  7. The Heavy Cream Queen: A Primal Blogger with excellent tastes, and a love for bacon that is just barely not eclipsed by mine! Take a look at her primal poppers, and cocao crack

Thanks for reading!

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About the Renegade Chef

We started this company a few years back because we love food. More importantly we love great food. Myself, i love weird food. We started off doing tapas paired wine tastings, and the occasional private dinner or event, and have enjoyed working all over metro detroit putting on pop up restaurants or brunches. We aim to build a network of like minded and passioned people. We hope you'll enjoy following our journey, and seeing what cranks out of the renegade kitchen.

15 thoughts on “Kreativ Blogger

  1. My face hurts from laughing at your seven interesting facts 🙂 I’m picturing an awkwardly dancing Chiquita Banana lady teaching Tai Chi Chuan to a group of walking kiddos in a strange city. And what’s a Powder Coating shop?

    • Hahaha. Nicely done, glad your imagination wasn’t too marred from the vision. Powder coating is a type of painting. Uses positively barge barged powdered pair to cling to negatively charged metal parts, then baked in a hight temperature oven for a nice lossy even finish. We mostly did car motorcycle ad boat parts, custom rims, and a few art sculptures.

      • Slightly marred, but not too. Ok thanks, powder coating sounds like it could have some fun artsy applications. Thank you 🙂

  2. Awesome! BUT, I am commenting because I keep running into people (bloggers) who know of While Chasing Kids. Three times in two days now. I love her Russian recipes. It’s a serendipity kind of thing.

    Once again, LOVE the Onion Quiche recipe , and I’ll be trying it as soon as I see Vidalias in the market.

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