The Inker’s Apprentice


Yesterday, one of my oldest friends and I wanted to go disc golfing. First, we decided to pay another old friend a visit at the tattoo shop he has been working at for the last few months. Matt Korotney, a self taught artist of incredible talent, and I started talking about tattoos, and how it is an art medium I have always swore I would break into one day. Suddenly, due to inclement weather, Ashley’s and my plans to go disc golfing are shot out of the water. Matt informs me that he still has his old machine that he used to practice with, and puts together a little starter-kit care-package for me, and allows me to sit in on a tattoo. The whole time he is explaining the why’s and how’s, but saying that it means little, like most things, until you’re in it, and living it. After the shop closes, he suggests that I practice on myself. I have a million tattoos drawn up in my head that I want and after cycling through them, I recall an Celtic-esque skull and cross-bottles I drew up a few years back, so I did my best to reproduce it from memory.

20120316-132626.jpg After teaching me how to properly set up a machine, and explaining the voltage and importance of sanitation, he watches me for the first hour, giving advice and suggestions, but allowing me to really get lost in it. Telling me to take all the time in the world, that it was better to go slow at first until you get depth and sureness of hand down more comfortably. He must not have realized how much of a perfectionist I am, as I took nearly six hours to do a tattoo he could’ve popped out in one. Now, by no means is it perfect, but they all assured me I was off to a hell of a start, and although I had a lot to learn, with enough practice, I definitely have a future there. Very exciting. So now in my free time, I’ll be using my legs as a practice canvas! I plan on adding a little color, and doing the bottles the next time they are feeling generous enough to let me practice.

20120316-133012.jpgOh, and I almost forgot to mention the ping pong table you see as soon as you walk in! My kind of place.


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We started this company a few years back because we love food. More importantly we love great food. Myself, i love weird food. We started off doing tapas paired wine tastings, and the occasional private dinner or event, and have enjoyed working all over metro detroit putting on pop up restaurants or brunches. We aim to build a network of like minded and passioned people. We hope you'll enjoy following our journey, and seeing what cranks out of the renegade kitchen.

15 thoughts on “The Inker’s Apprentice

  1. Cool post! My girlfriend and I have talked a lot about tattoos lately – she’s ready to get her second one, I’m still flirting with the idea of my first – so this was a really interesting post to read.

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