Breakfast Fit For a Proper Irishman


What a day. Only 363 days, eight hours, and 28 minutes until the next glorious one. Hope you all enjoyed yourselves, because after 15 hours or so of great beer, Irish whisky, an too many irish car bombs to count, I know I had a right good time. Here’s the meal that started it all: maple and brown sugar simmered corned beef, salt and pepper browned butter fried eggs, garlic and leek hash, and some amazing braised cabbage. This isn’t your average braised cabbage. Green cabbage, toasted walnuts, and slivered apples in a creamy gorgonzola sauce. Phenomenal. Friends and family alike really enjoyed it. There was plenty of Guinness bread and cupcakes as well to go along with nice, room temperature Guinness all day. Happiness is a warm stout.



48 thoughts on “Breakfast Fit For a Proper Irishman

    • Pretty simple, i sautéed half a spanish onion, deglazed the pan with a little jameson, then added some grade b maple syrup a 1/4 cup of brown sugar, a little water, and 2 Tb browned butter. kept it at a simmer, and dropped the corned beef in it for a minute or two, just to warm it up. Be careful not to simmer too long, or the proteins will seize up and get tough. It was delicious.

  1. Your breakfast looks yummy! Can’t wait for next St. Patrick’s day to try out a new recipe. I’ll let you know! I’m now following…would love to have you as a follower also.

  2. what an amazing free spirit U are! Wow, and a culinary craftsman. That breakfast looks and sounds like it tastes amazing! I see you also practice mindfulness and mediation. I found Ram Dass (oh more than 30 years too late), but’ I now too practice mindfulness and meditation and what a wonderful addition to my life! I am half Irish and half Spanish, what a werid combo i know, but I am seeking out all things Irish, the part of my ancestry I know very little about (except for ale and whisky!) being an artist, I am interested in stories and connections via art and food, so your blog is wonderful for me to read! There is much love and happiness in your work. Namaste!

    • Thank you very much! Good to see somebody who recognizes that its not just a food blog to me. This is all my art, in whatever form each new day brings it. I am glad you like what you have found here. I hope to keep you interested. Namaste.

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