Brunch With L. Mawby


Phew. What a week I have had. I want to start this off by saying that Larry Mawby is one of the coolest, most down to earth guys I have had the pleasure of meeting. Just saw the fun in everything. I sincerely look forward to working with him again.

The wine tasting was amazing! Everything I was concerned about, “will the Gorgonzola over power the bubbly?”, or, “are the avocado eggs going to stand up to the brut?”, went so completely well.

Citrus Salad – romaine lettuce,toasted almonds, and citrus marinated strawberries in a blood orange vinaigrette was paired with M. Lawrence green.

Sweet Gorgonzola Apples – apple disks with a caramelized red onion confit, a Gorgonzola cream said, finished with a fresh chiffonade of spinach was paired with L. Mawby Blanc de Blancs

Stuffed French Toast Rolls – brown sugar and cinnamon bread stuffed with a banana purée, rolled, dipped in egg batter, rolled in cinnamon and sugar, seared and sliced alongside fresh blueberries with a maple drizzle was paired ever so perfectly with M. Lawrence Fizz, the best pairing of the day.

Green Eggs – a rumble of avocado scrambled eggs atop fresh sliced tomatoes with a balsamic reduction drizzle, paired with M. Lawrence Sex, a Brut Rosé that was quite literally, the talk of both tastings, especially after Larry told the story of the name.

Dirty Chai n’ Ginger Ice cream – Home made Chai Ice Cream with a hint of espresso, and ginger cookie, served with a white chocolate cream sauce20120501-054014.jpg

While the first seating went very well, the second was even better than I could have hoped. Many family and friends happened to make the first seating which was a real treat for me.20120501-054021.jpgAfter all of the fun was over, I was rewarded by heading over the Tallulah’s Som Slam in Birmingham I actually sit down and enjoy a wine tasting that required no personal effort. The house sommelier versus Andiamo’s own Lisa Ribaudo, battling there own pairings with some spectacular small plates. As the wine was tasted blind we had to vote on which we thought was the best, without knowing who we were supporting. I want to congratulate the away team, Team Lisa! She killed it. 3 out of 4 pairings. Landslide victory. All in all, a Sunday full of good wine and good people, not mention the great food, who could ask for more?



8 thoughts on “Brunch With L. Mawby

      • I love grilled cehese and apple slices, it’s pretty much a staple around here. I did pretty well with eggs before I got into cooking and strangely haven’t done much with them since. I used to be really into baking but since I started cooking I’ve been doing less. Baking takes a lot of time!

      • Grilled cheese and apple is a wonderful pairing. As for the baking Costing time, I am currently learning that. Been forcing myself to bake and learn what I can.

    • Heather, I completely agree: I love soup year-round.But there are some vaieitres I really look forward to when fall hits, like a thick clam chowder or cheesy broccoli cheddar!Can’t wait to try this Potato Blue Cheese – sounds delicious 🙂

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