Review: Recipe’s


Recipe’s in Farmington Hills is one of the best new restaurants to grace metro Detroit with its presence. A nice, almost formal setting at first glance, proves to be a real easy going and laid back atmosphere with a friendly staff and a wonderful and creative menu.

20120527-143030.jpgAbove is the Southwest Hash, accompanied by some delicious house guacamole. This is a very well balanced dish with bell peppers onions and some of the best chorizo I’ve ever had.

20120527-143226.jpgThis little delicacy was off the weekend special menu, Lox Benedict, layered with thinly sliced tomatoes, alongside baked cinnamon apples.

20120527-143355.jpgWhat iced the cake, in my opinion, was the California Roll omelette. Crab, Fresh avocado, cream cheese topped of with nori. All of these dishes were fantastic, and service was excellent. I believe I’ve found a new breakfast haunt. You must give Recipe’s a shot.


8 thoughts on “Review: Recipe’s

  1. Dishes that come with baked cinnamon apples for a side dish instead of flavorless piles of half cooked and uncooked potatoes, is always a welcome addition in my book. And the Lox Benedict looks amazing.

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