California… Long overdue


I have been putting off this post, as well as many others for far too long. Life has been a whirlwind these last few months, but I realize that’s not stopping anytime soon, so the show must go on.

I was lucky enough to spend four days in San Diego for a business trip. Having never been there, you could imagine my excitement as I left not so bright and sunny Michigan behind. To be honest, I could write a post for each day I was there, due to the abundance of great food, shopping, company, and hangout spots. But after these last few months a few of the details are getting hazy around the edges, so I suppose a brief highlight reel loaded with pictures will have to suffice.

The first night, we go to the Osetra Fishhouse. An amazing seafood joint with a great wine list, an impressive menu that totally delivered, and what I can only call the wine tower. Which servers need to be suspended in a Harness to fly up and grab the correct vintage like some angel of inebriation, which I found impressive. After a round of appetizers, consisting of some amazing oysters Rockefeller, the freshest tasting sashimi plate, and the Seafood Napoleon, which was delicious. Layered Lump crab cake, spicy tuna, avocado, finished off with a drizzle of wasabi oil…. Mmm. Dessert was some housemade gelato, and some slightly over-brûléed-for-my-taste créme brûlée, which was still very good.

The following day, we all met up for a late lunch at Sally’s Seafood on the Water, in Seaport Village. Everything about this place made me want to never come back to Michigan. Some of the best sushi I’ve come across, amazing crab cakes, and some truly beautiful and inspired desserts. And a nice, hearty glass of 20 year old Port to wash it all down.

The last restaurant I want to share with you, though I could go on for days about several others, would have to be the Duck Dive, off Mission Beach. I fell in love as soon as walked into the door of this comfortable, well designed bar. Then while being thoroughly impressed by the menu, my server informs me that Jameson is on special everyday of the week. What a heartwarming little sentiment, that is. But, as I was just shaking off a rough case of the previous nights one-to-five-too-many’s I decided to go with the equally impressive, 12 foot long bloody Mary bar. Six or seven different bloody Mary mixes, 5 different rim salts, about 15 different hot sauces, cheeses, deli meets, pickles, garlic. Hell, they even had peppered bacon. While the rest of the food was phenomenal, the my thing I’ll mention is the Prime Rib French dip. One of the only restaurants I have been to with REAL Au Jùs, none of that store bought runny beef stock, I’m talking thick, gelatinous, and tasty Au Jùs.


And lastly, a few pictures of the Nerium International White Party, and me at the poolside the next morning, (amazing view, eh?), waiting on a bloody Mary in an attempt to shake off the previously mentioned hangover.



In short, haven’t been to Cali? Go there. Now.



9 thoughts on “California… Long overdue

  1. The last picture says it all.

    I have been to California; it is, at the very least, a buffet of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and emotions. My parents are from California and I have many family members living there covering the North, South, and in between.

  2. Looks like you had a great time in San Diego and especially downtown. I’d love to suggest some hole in the wall places for you to dine if you head back to SD again. Great pics…you’re making me homesick for sure.

  3. We camped for 5 weeks around California while backpacking the world a few years ago, and even on a tight ‘thanks very much, Mr MasterCard’ budget we ate and drank gloriously! I heart CA. Nice pics, makes me hungry and thirsty, dangerous for 5am haha 😛

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