Eastern Market


To anyone from my neck -o- the woods, I’m sure it will come as a great surprise that until very recently, I have never been to the Eastern Market. But, alas, summer is drawing to a close and fresh, affordable produce is growing sparse in your average market. Plus, having all local ingredients on my upcoming wine tasting is a detail the whole family can enjoy.

The day starts, not so bright and so very early, heading to downtown Detroit to beat the morning rush, find a parking spot (believe me, this becomes very difficult earlier than you’d expect) and get to look around before the masses all press in together on this three city block cornucopia of fresh, beautiful things.

Any story isn’t worthwhile without a good breakfast to kick start it, and so we went to the the Farmer’s Restaurant for some good coffee, and very fresh ingredients, and the best, let me say it again, THE BEST corned beef hash I have ever had. We all know how much of a breakfast elitist I am, so this was a very pleasant surprise.

If you are like me, which you should be on this point, fresh herbs are an absolute essential in all of your cuisine. To my supreme disappointment, an ounce of not so fresh, fresh basil for example, will cost anywhere from $6-8 at a local market. So, naturally, when I see mull triple vendors, with tables full of rosemary, cinnamon basil, lemon basil, mint, dill, anything you could want for $1 a bundle, I am overjoyed. I even got some Madagascar bourbon vanilla beams for ice cream making.

All in all this was an amazing trip downtown, I got all of the ingredients for my upcoming tasting for way cheaper than I normally could, and it is all so fresh and un-modified. I am going ti start doing all of my shopping here. And to close it off, an amazing dinner: heirloom tomatoe and fried halloumi sandwiches on cracked black pepper bread, with roasted eggplants, beets, and squash. Oh happy day.


10 thoughts on “Eastern Market

  1. As a boy, I spent many a Saturday morning there with my Grandpa, watching him haggle with a vendor fo 50 cents. At the time, it was billed as America’s largest farmers market.

  2. Some of my fondest memories are of the co-op my parents were a part of. We all had big gardens and pooled our harvests together. There needs to be more of this today.

    When I return to Michigan in December, we will start an herb garden. There is nothing like cutting fresh rosemary, mint, and basil and using it in your recipes.

  3. These are great photos and I loved hearing about your experience there. Corned beef hash and a big cup of hot coffee sound like a great way to start off the day. You’re so lucky to find fresh cinnamon and lemon basil. I haven’t seen either at our farmers markets here.

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