“If you see the world metaphorically going to hell in a hand basket, then take responsibility for that behavior in yourself and clear it. Clear it for yourself and it will begin to clear for all of mankind. Be the change.”
-T S McAuley, in his amazing book, It’s All About Me (he gave away the e-book version for free)

I want to share with you all what I have learned about love recently. A lot of you have probably heard somewhere that all emotion derives from either love or fear. The way I look at it, everything either comes from a standpoint of loving intent, or not. All that other stuff (jealousy, neglect, fear, anger) comes from the lack of love in your perception/ intent.

I have been trying to open up myself to the love all around me, trying to see the love in everything, from a stranger holding open a door to a server trying extra hard to put a smile on your face for the brief time your paths cross. This is not an easy practice to cultivate. Our minds have a tendency to see all possible sides to every die that life casts, and we’ve been conditioned for most of our life’s to focus on the more negative aspects of a given situation. I realized a few years back that in most circles, stories of woe, shadings of victim-hood had become a currency, a mark of status among peers. Somehow hearing about how hard ones personal universe could be trumped how beautiful and creative life is at its core. How many of your friends or coworkers have an inspiring story to share on a regular basis? How many times do you bring a truly positive outlook on a given situation to the table?

“That flat tire you experience on your way to work could save you from a much more serious wreck at the next light, or could set you up for one,” I can’t for the life of me recall who wrote this, but it has stuck with me. It illustrates the fault in our judging processes. We focus so much energy into labeling things as “good” or “bad”, but one can never know the grander scheme. What seems like good fortune today could be your undoing tomorrow. What is the end of your world this week, could prove to be the most transformational and growth-inducing moment of your life. There are lessons to be learned in every seemingly positive and negative occurance.

These are all things I’ve known in theory, and tried to implement in practice for some time. But recently I went to a Spirit-Science retreat in Asheville, NC called Bhakti Bliss. This whole weekend, secluded from the awe-inspiring connective capabilities of my smart phone, with a hundred or so other beings from around the continent, was my most transformational experience yet. The first day, everybody was still a little… Clique-y, for lack of a better term. Sticking with their given packs for the most part. But as we went through eye opening workshops, and guided meditations, nature walks, yoga, etc, we all started transforming into more of a tribe. By the end of the weekend we were all family, with no boundaries to the expressions of love. I made many life long friends, and we all left with a sense of family that extended beyond our group. I feel more connected to everything and everyone I’ve come in contact with since. The point of telling this is to share that I have realized that without seeing life through the eyes of love your much more likely to miss the lessons, fail to see the beauty inherent in everything. The more love you pour into the world, the more life pours the same back into you. The same is true for every state of being. Victimizing yourself perpetuates that lifestyle, and so on.

Life is beautiful. Take a second to look at things in a different way. Our creative power is limitless, look at your smartphone. Think about how a hundred years ago, telepathy was a thing for stories, now sending an SMS is “literally sending your thoughts through space and time at the speed of light” (-Jason silva, highly recommend watch in his videos). We created the capacity to do things we used to only dream of. Joe Rogan commented on his podcast about how people will drive hundreds of miles to stand in awe of the Grand Canyon. While it is absolutely breathtaking, everyone ignores the sky above them. The sun is a constant nuclear explosions millions of miles away that provides us with all of our energy. The moon just so happens to orbit our planet in a way that continues to provide that light and energy to us, while we are not in view of the magnificent sun. Beautiful stars as far as the eye can see, an we all ignore it to speed home to see what horrible things the news can tell us about our world.

Take a pause in your everyday life. Whether it be on your way to work, to appreciate the blue sky, rolling clouds, emerald green vegetation. Take a pause to notice your breath, in and out, our most basic connective interaction with the world. How beautiful it is that we can take our environment inside of us to nourish us and feed our organs. How deeply do you breathe on a regular basis? How shallow? Paying attention to breath alone is a life changing excercise.

I know this jumps around, but the point is, we all need to be more receptive to life. Be more open to the positive energies all around. Be more aware, more conscious. Shake the confines of the negativity seeking mantle thrown on you at birth. Be as open as you can to love in whatever way it is presented to you. It will absolutely change your life.

“That which you project into the core of your being will manifest into the material reality at some time, somewhere; why not make it Love?” T S McAuley


Tim McAuley – Soul Surfer – author of “It’s All About Me” an amazing read about finding the answers to everyday life.

Jason Silva – modern day philosopher, epiphany addict, wonder-junkie. This guy is inspirational.

OCG Project – Pheonyx Roldan Smith’s website, this man is a positive force in the world, doing amazing things wherever he goes, and an absolute delight to talk to in person.

Spirit Science – Jordan David’s creation, featuring short animated films and much much more to share ideas about meditation, consciousness and the like with the world. Watch with an open mind and heart, Jordan has a great message and absolutely radiates love and creative energy. He is responsible (amongst many others, victoria mclellan, forest sage, elijah thoth to name a few) for the Bhakti Bliss retreat mentioned above.


6 thoughts on “Love

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    Thank you, dear brother, for the honorable mention. It was a joy and an honor to meet you as well and I look forward to our continued journeys as they ebb and flow together and back out into the world again through this thing called Life. Many Blessings, much Love and ever-increasing Light, Pheonyx

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  3. Absolutely phenomenal, bro. This was so beautiful and eloquent it gave me goosebumps. I like what you said about how we pass up the beauty of the starts to rush home to the news and how everyone needs to be more receptive life. Brilliant words. I really dig what you got to say. You have a lot to offer to this world. Peace.

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